night dives

Night Dives

Things are different on the reef at night. See for yourself...

If you think the reef is cool by day, just wait til you see it by night.

We schedule night dives on our house reef, Pierbaai Reef on request, with a minimum of 4 divers. The reef is particularly stunning at night and definitely worth checking out – especially as you’ll have already seen it by day, too.

The sun sets at different times throughout the year, but we aim to be running the briefing as the sun is going down (between around 6.15 to 7.00pm), so we’re entering the water as the sky sets itself on fire…

It’ll be dark within minutes of you descending, although the light from the stars and moon creates a beautiful, soft light. The ocean is usually dead, flat calm. And quiet. Perfectly quiet…

Check out the open coral polyps, the sleeping parrot fish and all the cool marine creatures that only come out at night. But no stealing octopus or lobster for dinner!

Once we’re done (around 8 / 8.45pm or so) it’s time for a cold beer or hot chocolate whilst your dive gear drips dry. Then perhaps a fish supper at the local restaurant on the beach? And repeat all the above the following night?

Check out our Instagram or Youtube for a sneak peak of what you might see!

Please note:

The Dive Bus has strict safety policies for night divers in order to:

  • keep it safe and fun for you and the others in the dive group
  • keep it safe for your Dive Bus Divemaster (we’re not there to enjoy ourselves, honest…)
  • avoid damaging the coral reef and other delicate marine life

To participate in a Dive Bus night dive, you need to have demonstrated excellent buoyancy control during a day dive with us

advanced curacao

Not PADI Advanced Open Water certified yet ? Do it! It’s heaps of fun and you can make your first night dive as part of the course.


LOVE your night divin’? Take your PADI Night Diver Specialty course to learn additional skills and gain more confidence and experience.

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