Diver Propulsion Vehicle DPV

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Dive

Ever wanted to 'Fly the Reef'?

Well we can make that happen with a DPV dive!

What is a Diver Propulsion Vehicle?

Only at The Dive Bus can you experience ‘Flying the Reef’ with our new batch of Lefeet S1 Pro Diver Propulsion Vehicle’s, or DPV’s for short!

These great underwater scooters can be used as a standard single unit, or double up for extra speed and power. You can even attach them to your tank for more of a hands-free option.

With go pro mount’s you can record all the fun while you’re flying across the beautiful reefs of Curacao.

As you know safety is always number one at The Dive Bus so certain restrictions apply – please shoot us a message for more information on how you can enjoy these DPV’s with us.

You can also choose a DPV dive as one of your 5 Adventure dives towards your PADI Advanced Course or choose the 2 dive PADI DPV Specialty Course.

Here’s a quote from a recent Dive Busser:

“We absolutely love the Dive Bus and have done a fair amount of training with them over the years. However this trip was a little different, we played with underwater scooters! Known as a DPV or Diver Propulsion Vehicle, these devices are handheld battery powered thrusters that allow divers to essentially Fly” along the reef or cover longer distances without swimming.

In a sort amount of time we were zooming along and spinning around, doing loops, and having an amazing time! We will certainly be going back for another go with these scooters, the Dive Bus Staff, and all the zany pirate-y Dive Bus-y times that come with it.”

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