PADI Advanced Open Water Course

You know how to dive, now discover more about the why...

You know how to dive. Now discover the ‘why‘:
the amazing places and things to see and do underwater…

Your Open Water course taught you how to dive. The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course shows you the why: exploration, excitement and cool new experiences. And the confidence to enjoy.

It’s a lot less studying and a whole different kind of fun to the PADI Open Water course, designed to advance your diving skills. You don’t need to be “advanced” to take the Advanced course – think of it more like PADI Open Water Diver Part 2. Start right after your Open Water certification and get more out of every dive you make, sooner than you might think.

Each of your 5 PADI Advanced Open Water Diver training (“Adventure”) dives expands your scuba skills and builds your confidence in a bunch of different ways – with plenty of fun thrown in, too. The Deep and Navigation dives are required, and your Dive Bus instructor will be happy to advise which of the other 3 we think you’ll enjoy the most, or get the most out of.

Each Adventure Dive is also the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty Diver Course. So if something particularly lights your candle, you’re already on your way to discovering more, putting another PADI certification under your weight belt, and getting a step closer to the prestigious PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

At a glance:

  • Try out new, cool, fun stuff underwater, become certified to dive to 100ft / 30m and learn additional diving skills and confidence.
  • Pre-requisites: Open Water certified, minimum 12 years old
  • Duration: 5 dives over 2 diving days.
  • We’ll send you the eLearning so you can complete the knowledge sections before you arrive in Curacao (a lot less than the Open Water Course 😉 )
  • Save time + money: tag on your PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty course.

More info

Can I do this?

PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers min 12 years old, are welcome to step up and enroll in an Advanced Open Water Diver course. Divers younger than 15 may only participate in certain Adventures Dives and depth restrictions apply – check when you contact us to book your course. The PADI Advanced Open Water course gives you:

  • some great reasons to keep on diving and a lot of great ways to keep your diving FUN!
  • additional dive skills and experiences
  • additional supervised dives
  • credit towards your PADI Specialty dive courses at The Dive Bus

What will I learn?

For each of your 5 Adventure dives, you’ll self-study the relevant Adventure dive information via the PADI eLearning program .

Deep and Underwater Navigation are compulsory then you have plenty of options to choose from. Popular choices are Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck, Underwater Naturalist, Photography (if you have your own camera), Night, Search and Recovery, Dive Against Debris or our New Lefeet Diver Propulsion Vehicles!!!!!

All these Adventure dives count towards your PADI Specialty courses – some of which can be earnt with only 1 additional training dive at The Dive Bus – as well as the prestigious PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

What will I be qualified to do?

Dive to a maximum of 100ft / 30 m and explore deeper, more advanced dive sites. The world is your lobster… Being Advanced Open Water certified will open up a whole new set of exciting ways to continue your diving adventures.

What scuba gear will I use?

Beyond using basic scuba equipment, you’ll need a compass and dive knife or dive tool. You’ll also use specialized gear depending on the Adventure Dives you make – for example a flashlight on the Night Dive or lift bag for Search and Recovery. Your PADI Instructor will explain the equipment that you need and may suggest additional gear, such as dive light for night diving or lift bag for search and recovery diving. All the additional or specialised equipment you’ll need for your Adventure dives are included in the course price – and a Dive Bus Graduate, you’ll get discounts when you buy your own from The Dive Bus retail shop, as well as advice and guidance from your Dive Bus Instructor.

I'm in: What are my next steps?

  • Download the PADI Medical Statement (pdf) see if you need doctor’s clearance before you dive.
  • Go ahead and book your PADI Advanced Open Water course at The Dive Bus :o)

PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course - only at The Dive Bus!


Care about protecting and sustaining our reefs and oceans?

Check out our special PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course…

Sounds like fun but I'm short on time...


No worries, the PADI Adventure Diver course was designed for you.

It takes only 3 “Adventure” training dives to earn this certification, and you can simply upgrade to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with 2 more Adventure dives on your next Curacao dive vacation.

Ask your Instructor about scheduling this course.


Jump on board the Dive Bus and dive the best of the rest of underwater Curacao with us.


..getting more out of every dive?

Did you know you already started 5 different PADI Specialty courses on your PADI Advanced Open Water course?

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