Spacefish Army


Spacefish Army - the most popular brand of scuba divewear

Check out our Spacefish Army Store! We have a great selection of divewear including headbands, rashgaurds, zip-up rashguards, shorts, leggings, bras and cheeky bikini bottoms as well as the popular socks.

And the best thing about Spacefish Army: their made with eco-friendly and sustainable products -designed for life on the water with unique art that highlights all the beauty we find hiding under the waves.

Mens and women’s available! Come and take a look and choose your favourite matching outfit!

If you are not familiary with Spacefish Army check out their Instagram page here.

If these styles are not for you then check out our Scubapro store instead.

Open everyday from 9am until 4:30.

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