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We’ve got everything you need for another great day of diving in Curacao

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Useful stuff for you to use and enjoy

At our location in Marie Pampoen, whether you’re taking a PADI dive course with us, diving for a day or a week on guided dives or diving independently – or a bit of both – we’ve got all the facilities you need for another great day of diving. Including cold beer and carbs to perfectly round off your awesome day, as you use the free WIFI to post your cool dive photos and make your friends, family and colleagues jealous 😉

All the facilities below are free of charge if you’re diving with us, or renting equipment and / or tanks.

And if you’re just looking for a base to dive Pierbaai Reef or Car Pile “independently”and already have everything you need, the facility fee ($10 / person) is waived with a spend of $30 per person. Which just happens to be the same price as a very cool Dive Bus t-shirt, or a few of cold beers and some carbs 😉

  • Bathroom
  • (Outside) shower
  • Spacious gearing up area
  • Rinse tanks
  • Equipment drying rack
  • Dive site map + ‘Meet the locals’ board
  • Overnight dive equipment storage
  • Dive + snorkel and retail shop
  • Lockers to leave valuables
  • Complimentary drinking water
  • Private, off-road parking
  • Open air, shaded classroom + teaching areas
  • Plenty of places and spaces to chill out and log your dives
  • Free WIFI
  • Plastic + aluminum recycling bins, provided by Green Force. We really appreciate you using them, thanks.

Food, drinks and cold beer

Snacks and drinks (including the best beer of the day, once you’re done divin’) live in The Dive Bus Goody Fridge in the shop. You’ll be fully briefed on the Beer Board honesty system when you check-in.

Otherwise, there’s a wide variety of restaurants within minutes’ walking distance, from the local seafood restaurant on the beach across the road, to a multitude of others at Curacao Boulevard on nearby Mambo Beach.

TOP TIP: most restaurants run on island-time, so best go eat before you’re hungry. (Trust us.)

Where is our Location

It’s no lucky coincidence that you’ll find The Dive Bus opposite one of the best and most popular dive sites on Curacao: Pierbaai Beach + Car Pile, at Marie Pampoen.

We discovered this amazing reef in 2005 and set up the original little Dive Bus “Hut” as close by as possible: right on the beach. And when we outgrew the Hut a few years later, we moved right across the road to a much larger spot. These days, the Dive Bus shop offers heaps of space, privacy, parking and tons of divers’ facilities on site – and is still just a stone’s throw from our beautiful house reef.

The Dive Bus is also just across the road from Sunscape, close to Curacao Seaquarium, Lions Dive Hotel, Royal Resort, Boase Resort, Avilla Beach hotel and heaps more – here for where to find us.

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