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Quality, personal and fun dive experiences

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Welcome to The Dive Bus, Curacao:

Seriously fun diving at Curacao's #1 PADI 5 Star Dive Resort!

Curacao: an amazing vacation destination

If you thought that Curacao was an unpronounceable, undrinkable, bright blue, orange-flavoured cocktail mixer, you’re not wrong. It’s also a world-class shore-diving destination and a whole lot more, with plenty for non-divers and in the evenings when diving's done.

You're going to love it.


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Curacao: an amazing dive destination

Curacao is consistently rated one of the top Caribbean diving locations, famed for mild currents, tropical water temperatures, excellent visibility and enormous diversity of marine life.

And just like neighbouring Bonaire, it’s perfect for shore-diving.The best of Curacao’s dive sites have easy, just-walk-into-the-clear-warm-blue-Caribbean-ocean entries, and short, easy, swim-outs to the shallow, beautiful coral reef.

You're going to love it.


What's so great about The Dive Bus?

The Dive Bus, Curacao

No cattle boats, no crowds, no rush, no stress.

Just fun, comfortable and relaxed scuba diving adventures, and memories to last a lifetime - or until your next visit.

In small dive groups, led by friendly, knowledgeable PADI dive pros, at the best of Curacao's shore dive sites, since 2005.

Welcome to The Dive Bus.

Discover for yourself why folks just like you rate us Curacao's #1 PADI 5 Star Dive Center on Trip Advisor.


Get more out of every dive

Happy Mark, Dive Bus Curacao

Whether you're looking to make your first ever scuba dive, become a certified diver or get more out of every dive you make, we've got a smiling, friendly PADI Pro Dive Instructor who can't wait to help, and a TON of PADI dive courses with your name on them.

We can fix your weighting, teach you what you're looking at, show you how to navigate confidently, find and recover underwater treasure, explore wrecks .

Dive better, dive longer and get more from every dive.

Whatever you're looking for, we're here to help and make it fun. In small groups, with a strong emphasis on safety and a healthy respect for our ocean environment. Because we want you love diving as much as we do.


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