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PADI eLearning program

 The smart way to start your PADI dive course:
whenever and wherever you like.

 If you’d love to learn to dive or how to get more out of your scuba diving adventures,
without spending your vacation time studying,
the PADI Scuba Education Online programs* are the smart way to go.

(* ‘PADI eLearning®‘ for short).

Here’s why:

All PADI dive courses consist of 2 elements:

  1. Knowledge Development (facts, principles, concepts)

  2. In water Training (skills, techniques, methods) – i.e. learning, practicing and doing (diving!)

You’ll cover your In water Training with us here in sunny Curacao, but you can cover your Knowledge Development in advance (and save your precious vacation time for more diving, exploring or chilling out) with either of these 2 options:

    1. Printed PADI dive course materials:
      Pick them
      up from your local PADI dive shop  back home. Or from The Dive Bus while you’re here in sunny Curacao, and read them on the beach…

    2. The PADI eLearning® :
      PADI’s online learning system, before you get to Curacao, at your own pace and convenience. We’ll then teach you how to dive, in the beautiful Caribbean sea, right across the road from your classroom…

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What is PADI eLearning®?

PADI eLearning® is a dynamic instructional program, helping you to learn by watching, listening, reading and interacting. The fee, payable direct to PADI when you sign up, gives you access to the Program and an online version of the course manual.

If you have any questions during your eLearning® course, it's easy to contact us so we can help out.

You'll need an internet connection for some of the eLearning courses, but some also have downloadable apps, with more coming soon.

And if you'd like a more permanent reference, pick up a hard-copy of your course manual here at The Dive Bus or your local PADI dive center.

What's so great about PADI eLearning®?

More and more of our divers are choosing the PADI eLearning® option because it means:

you spend more of your vacation in the water (and sooner) and less in the classroom

you're certified sooner, giving you more time to dive, dive, DIVE and explore one of the top dive locations in the Caribbean.

More info

  • How does eLearning work?

    eLearning is a set of interactive presentations (videos, audio, photos) broken into manageable learning sections, with a short quiz after to help gauge your progress, and review and correct anything you might happen  to miss. Move through the program at your own pace and convenience, and post questions to us whenever you get stuck or have questions.

    It's the next best thing to being face-to-face with us :)

  • What does it cost?

    The eLearning fees vary by course and are payable direct to PADI when you sign up. Click here to visit the PADI website, select your country and the type of eLearning course you're looking for, to find the price.

    Check out price of your actual course at The Dive Bus (the wet part!) here here. eLearning courses prices are a little lower than the ‘regular’ course prices as course materials aren't included (because you'll be using the online materials instead.)

    If you'd like a hard copy of your course manual, just pick one up from the Dive Bus shop once you're here :)

  • What courses are available via PADI eLearning?

    PADI is making increasingly more dive courses available via eLearning – click here to view them and get started today and scroll down for more info about what you'll be doing on your course with us at The Dive Bus.
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