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Tried and tested by YOU:

Rent it, try it.

Like it?

Buy it and your rental is FREE.

Having equipment that fits you and suits your diving style, dive after dive, means you get to enjoy your dives in comfort, with no distractions from the stresses of dive equipment that just doesn’t do it for you.

But it’s super disappointing and frustrating spending a bunch of money on new dive gear, only to find that your mask leaks, your fins give you blisters and your BCD has a mind of its own.

Finding the right equipment for you can be expensive, time and money-wise.

Not at The Dive Bus.

All of The Dive Bus rental equipment is for sale, all of the time. So if you like your Dive Bus rental equipment - buy it. After all, it's been tried and tested by the very best person for the job: you.

The Dive Bus "Tried and tested by YOU" service takes the risk out of buying new dive or snorkeling equipment, making it a lot easier and cheaper to find equipment that you know works for you.

With professional guidance and advice from The Dive Bus Crew, try out the different masks, fins, boots-sizes and BCDs in The Dive Bus Equipment Locker until you find what works for you.

Love it? Awesome!

  • Buy the actual rental equipment you tried OR
  • Buy the same equipment brand new
  • Either way, you don't pay for rental on the items you buy

So you save money AND know the equipment’s right for you.

Don't love it? No worries.

  • Just pay for the rental - no wasting your hard-earned money buying something that doesn't work for you.
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