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Cool Curacao dive sites

Curacao is consistently rated one of the best shore-diving locations in the world.

Many Curacao dive sites are a just a few minutes swim-out from the shore – even closer and easier than Bonaire, believe it or not…

Curacao Sea Turtle Conservation

Most of Curacao’s shore diving sites are on the (South) East and West leeward coast line, which is where The Dive Bus trips go. North side shore diving is not recommended without qualified, local dive guides due to challenging entries and conditions.

Road signs will direct you to the general vicinity of most shore diving sites, but there are very few entry-markers at the actual sites. If you do see red and white dive flag painted on rocks, don’t get too excited – most of them are not in the right spot!

Check out the table below for just some of the best shore diving sites on Curacao – according to the experts (Dive Bus divers) and the Dive Bus Crew. Explore these with us on the Dive Bus guided dives and Dive Bus trips, or dive them independently with your buddy.

You’ll find Curacao dive sites to please everyone – divers, snorkelers and non-divers alike. Wherever you go, please follow the Eco Policy – and respect our turtles by leaving them alone.

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Curacao shore dive sites – East

Drive times from The Dive Bus: from approximately 30 seconds up to 20-ish minutes

Dive Site





Min # divers

More info

Pierbaai Reef (Dive Bus House Reef)

Easy Sandy At The Dive Bus 2

Car Pile @ Pierbaai Reef

Deep, wreck Intermediate Sandy At The Dive Bus 2 Car Pile dive site, Dive Bus Curacao


Wreck, wall, pier, adventure! Easy Sand + rubble Yes, small fee 4 the dive bus, curacao, PADI, 100% project aware,

Directors Bay

Dramatic wall, reef Easy Sand + rubble No 4

Superior Producer

Deep, wreck Intermediate / Advanced Rocky No 4 Dive Superior Producer, Curacao

Vaersenbaai (Kokomo)

Wall, Reef Easy Sandy Yes 4 The Dive Bus Curacao

Curacao Shore Diving sites: West

Drive times from The Dive Bus: 30 – 50 minutes

Dive Site





Min # divers

More info

Porto Mari

Double Reef Easy, excellent Sandy Yes, entry fee 6 Porto Mari

Playa Lagun

Reef, gentle wall Easy, excellent Sandy No 6 Lagun

Playa Piskado

Reef, sloping wall Easy Sand + rubble No 6

Playa Kalki

Reef, gentle wall Easy, excellent Sand + rubble No 6 Kalki

Driftwood divider - skinny

More info and options...