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Important info to ensure that your next
Curacao dive vacation is AWESOME.

If you’re dreaming about your next #seriouslyfun  Curacao dive vacation, here’s what we’re doing to help keep you safe and healthy while you’re here.

To help us make that happen, please read the following COVID-19 precautionary measures at The Dive Bus: i.e. the latest ‘The Dive Bus normal’. These measures apply to Dive Bus Crew members as well as you, to help keep everyone safe, healthy and having a great time.

These measures are based on recommendations, guidelines and regulations from 4 key organisations:

  1. The Curacao Tourist Board, which communicates Government level decisions and policies into critical information to visitors, to help keep you safe on your next vacation.

  2. The Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association, which translates Curacao Government level decisions and policies into ‘best practices’ for Curacao tourism business operators.

  3. PADI safe practices for teaching dive courses and Discover Scuba Diving dive experiences.

  4. Divers Alert Network (DAN) safe practices for properly sanitising your dive equipment and yourself.

We’ll change the date at the top of this page as and when there are any changes / updates to the info on this page. To save yourself some time, before contacting us regarding diving reservations, please:

  • check this page again 

  • check here for the latest Curacao Travel advisories and updates from the Curacao Government

Thanks for taking the time to read this important information to get the Curacao dive vacation that you want, need and deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

To any avoid disappointment or misunderstanding, we’ll ask you to confirm that you’ve read, understood and agree to these precautionary measures, and that things are subject to change without notice.

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Bookings / Reservations

Planning and booking your next Curacao dive vacation is a GREAT way to beat the Corona virus blues. Especially when it’s worry free and you can BOOK NOW – PAY LATER!

We’ll make the arrangements for your next dive vacation and be back in touch around one month before your planned arrival, to confirm all the arrangements and payments.

We’ve amended our terms and conditions to make pre-bookings easier and more flexible:

    • No deposits required

    • Full payment not due until 15 days prior to your date of arrival in Curacao

    • Free re-scheduling within 1 year of your planned date of activity; or full refund if cancelled up to 24 hours before your planned activity

We’ve disabled our online booking platform during this time, so please contact us directly instead.

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Checking in and out at The Dive Bus

Only divers, snorkelers or parents of divers or snorkelers aged 18 or older are permitted on The Dive Bus grounds, without prior appointment.

On arrival at The Dive Bus, we’ll meet and greet you in one of the outdoor chill-out spots to get you checked in and settled in (instead of inside the Shop, as previously).

Just about all (diving and PADI course related) paperwork is available for you to complete online, prior to arrival, on our Reservations page. If you’re not able to complete the necessary paperwork in advance, you’re welcome to use our digital devices when you check in. Just remember to allow a few extra minutes for this…

Although cash was King before COVID-19, PIN, credit cards and online payments are now share the throne, instead. (In other words: please settle up by credit card of cash).

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The Dive Bus Retail Shop

As it’s also home to the restroom, it’s likely that you’ll be in the Dive Bus Shop at least once.

It’s also where you’ll find a stack of different masks and snorkels (because if you don’t have your own right now, you really should), fun Dive Bus stuff and the Goody Fridge (for the best beer of the day: the one AFTER you’ve done divin’), so it’s worth checking (out on your way back from the bathroom).

Luna Social Distancing

Please follow the social distancing and hygiene rules in the shop:

  • Maximum 2 divers plus 1 staff member at the same time – just follow the floor tapes…

  • If someone beat you to the restroom, please wait outside. Advance planning may be required; line-jumping is at your own risk…

  • Please ask before trying on any masks so we can ensure they’re cleaned, before and after.

  • Digital payments where possible please, (Visa, Mastercard or PIN) to minimise handling cash.

  • Lockers are available for your use, free of charge – unless you lose the key (!).  Please disinfect your locker once you’re done, using the disinfectant wipes / spray available.

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Personal sanitizing and cleaning

Hand sanitizing image for signs

  • Please pay attention to – and follow! – the personal safety and hygiene signs displayed around the dive center, as per the most recent DAN hygiene guidelines.

  • Inside and outside areas are disinfected frequently but please also use the hand sanitization stations” around the dive center.

  • If you still aren’t used to drinking from cups that taste of disinfectant, bring your own personal water bottle (label it!)  or pick one up from The Dive Bus shop.

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Equipment sanitizing and cleaning

DAN logo

  • Tank valves are disinfected after each use.

  • The on-site rinse tanks are strictly for Dive Bus rental equipment only, as per the latest DAN equipment hygiene guidelines, so it’s sufficiently and correctly disinfected, sanitized and safe for other divers to use.

  • Personal dive and / or snorkel equipment should be rinsed at your accommodation instead of The Dive Bus, so that YOU are in control of the cleanliness and hygiene of your equipment.

  • We strongly recommend that you have your own mask and snorkel, for obvious reasons. You’re welcome to try out the different styles available in the Dive Bus shop, to find and buy the one that fits you best.

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Social distancing precautions at The Dive Bus

As there’s plenty of space to account for social distancing, group sizes remain the same for The Dive Bus house reef activities, including:

The Dive Bus Crew are wearing face masks where social distancing isn’t practical / possible. You’re encouraged (but not required) to wear one: bring your own or purchase your own disposable one in The Dive Bus shop.

For the time being, “air equivalents” of handshakes, High 5’s, hugs, fist, elbow or butt bumps and / or other ‘body greetings’ with Dive Bus Crew or other divers, have to suffice. (And, as it turns out, can be hilarious.)

Beer O’Clock is still happening (as Hell has not – yet – frozen over). However you may need to speak a little louder to account for your socially distant fellow Beer O’Clockers.

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Dive Bus Trips

  • Now you have even more space on The Dive Bus trips due to our new maximum of 4 divers on the Bus – unless you specifically request more (for a family or friends group, for example).

  • Additional divers up to our maximum of 8 per trip can still join and  ‘follow the Bus’ if you have a rental car. Check out the hugely popular Drive + Dive options…

  • Chips, chocolate, fruit and sodas are still available on The Dive Bus trips, but no picnic lunch. You’re very welcome to bring your own; some accommodations provide them on request so it’s worth checking with yours.

  • The Dive Bus interiors are disinfected after each trip.

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PADI Dive Courses

Here’s some great news for your next PADI dive course at The Dive Bus:

 1. There are no social distancing related changes to teaching most PADI dive courses at The Dive Bus, because:

  • the classroom, gearing up and rinsing facilities are all outdoor, with plenty of (social distancing) space

  • we walk across the road to the Dive Bus house reef for all Confined and Open Water dives, so no transport required

2. We’re following any and all changes that PADI has made for teaching PADI dive courses due to COVID-19.

3. We’re migrating the Knowledge Development portion of as many PADI courses as possible to PADI eLearning. Here’s why that’s great news:

  • You can start your next dive course on your favourite device, in your favourite place, wherever and whenever you like.

  • That just leaves the fun, wet, salty bits to do with us in sunny Curacao (or any other PADI dive center, anywhere in the world), and plenty of time left over for as many fun Dive Bus trips as you can handle.

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Better safe than sorry

Please don’t hesitate to advise a Dive Bus Crew member if you feel, or see anyone displaying, any symptoms of COVID-19.

Anyone displaying symptoms is required to consult with a doctor and follow necessary procedures, so it’s critical to check your travel, health and / or DAN insurance well before leaving home.

A digital infrared thermometer is available to check body temperature, just ask one of the Crew if you need it.

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 We’re all looking forward to seeing and diving you at The Dive Bus soon and very much appreciate your support, now more than ever.

So if you have ANY questions, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, see what’s going on at The Dive Bus right now and enjoy some #seriouslyfun diving “fixes” by following The Dive Bus Facebook page. See you there!